Things I Learned Since Having Twins

Things I Learned Since Having Twins

Being a mom of twins definitely has its learning curve. Read on to learn how this mom embraced the chaos of raising two kids at once, and how it can be twice the fun!

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Isn’t it amazing how mothers can bear almost any challenge when it comes to our children? One child alone can be pretty daunting, but how about having two kids to raise at the same time?


Six years and 10 months ago, I was shocked when I learned that I would be having twins. Imagine two lives growing inside your tummy, with no firsthand parenting experience. I was not prepared emotionally and financially. It was challenging, but worth it – I felt that my pregnancy was something special.


I was blessed to give birth to two healthy boys in January 2014. Each day, I am still in awe of how I was able to raise these two different boys at the same time. I have my fair share of failures as a mom but learned a lot of lessons along the way. Here are the things I learned since having twins.


The first few years are challenging


Yes, it is harder to raise twins. There will be less sleep and you’ll be surprised at yourself for surviving it. Getting them to sleep at the same time was difficult, because one baby knows to wake up when the other one sleeps. It felt like they were programmed to be this way in this scenario. But I must say, it gets easier as years pass and they grow older and become more independent.


Twins are two different people


Even if I know that these two boys are two different individuals with unidentical personalities, people will still compare them. I always say that they just shared my womb and have the same birthday. So I spent time to know them both and understand their unique personalities as separate individuals.


Twins will fight over the same things


This observation is really funny but definitely true. The boys would get especially competitive when it came to their toys. Even if we gave them each the same toy (the only difference being the color), they would fight over it all the same. Fortunately, we are over this stage. They now have different favorite colors and their own preferences when it comes to toys.


Expect to get a lot of questions


Twins get so much attention. It is also an unending task to answer a lot of questions from strangers. They find it fascinating and, in an instant, you became a celebrity. Usually it rounds up to the same questions like, “Are they twins?”, “How do you know which is which?”, “Are they identical?”, “Do twins run in your family?” and the list goes on. There are times when I don’t have the energy to answer them all, but I learned to accept every little thing and recognize that my boys are simply unique.


Twins are each other’s instant playmate!


This one is my favorite so far. I worry less because they spend most of their time bonding and playing. They co-sleep together, eat together, and they learn everything together. Basically, they are automatically one another’s best friend.


Having twins can be financially draining


Expenses for twins are always double of everything. It was a struggle at first but we learned to budget our finances and save more. Especially now that we are experiencing the New Normal, enrolling them both in online distance learning is quite hectic and also expensive. You need two more gadgets and to teach them separately because their learning curves are different from each other. Thankfully, we learned to adjust to the current circumstances and the two boys are quite adapting well.


It’s necessary to have a support system


This is a must especially for moms who are newbies with multiple kids. I am grateful enough that I have a solid support system consisting of my partner, my mom (who I always video call to ask questions), and relatives who offer a helping hand whenever I lack sleep. And online articles are also helpful!


It doubles the fun


It doubles the love too! I get two sets of everything from hugs, kisses, and even their laughs. This is undeniably the best part of being a mom of twins.


If you are a mom and expecting twins, don’t get too overwhelmed. Accept it and even flaunt it! It is a gift. Your parenting journey in raising twins won’t always be smooth (it might be mostly chaotic and craz), but we learn to cherish every moment and enjoy our time with our kids while we can.


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