7 Tipid Tips for Buying Organic Ingredients

7 Tipid Tips for Buying Organic Ingredients

Yes, you can have an Organic lifestyle on a budget! Here are some tips on how to live healthier without overspending on ingredients.

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Most moms complain about the rising prices of organic vegetables and fruits, and how it affects their meal budget. Some even say, “Mas mahal maging healthy!” 

However, we all want to serve healthier meals to our family, especially our children. Our goal isn’t just to put food on the table, but to give them the right nutrition. It may not be easier, but it is possible to have a healthy organic lifestyle on a budget. I’ll share some tips on how to live healthier without spending a lot on ingredients. 

Buy in season
Produce that are out of season are more expensive. In our country, mangoes can be as low as P40 per kilo during summer and can cost up to P180 per kilo during "-ber" months.  During peak season, vendors may even sell overripe mangoes at a rock-bottom price – and that’s the perfect time to turn them into shakes! 

Buy local
Find local alternatives for more expensive imported ingredients. It’s not just cheaper, but a key principle of organic eating. “Local food can provide freshness, reduce food miles [and the environmental impact of using fossil fuel for transportation], offer benefits to local farmers and communities and help reconnect consumers with where their food comes from," says Sustain, a website dedicated to better food and farming.  

Buy directly from farmers
The good thing about being in the social media era is that we can even order online from local farmers. There are also online non-profit organizations who arrange orders to support our farmers.

Have a meal plan
Meal planning is really a must in every family who are trying to live on a budget. Not only does it save us time from thinking “Ano bang mai-ulam ngayon?”, you avoid unnecessary food expense. Meal Planning will also prevent wasting food like vegetables, which rot quickly. Start a meal plan and practice FIFO (First In, First Out) when using stocks from your pantry.

Grow your own plants
One of my Tipid Tips in my blog is to grow your own vegetables at home.  If you don’t have a large garden, you can use small pots or even empty water gallons for spring onions, calamansi or herbs. Plus, you can use your kitchen food waste (such as peeled vegetables skin, etc.) as natural fertilizers, so whatever you grow is free of chemicals.  

Don’t buy in bulk if not needed
Bulk buying is very practical and a budget conscious mom's wise move – but only in certain situations. If you don’t use the ingredients before they expire or rot and end up throwing them away, you are not just wasting money but also food. 

Be realistic about how much you need for the next few days. If you see something on sale, think about how and when you will use it. Remember, many organic ingredients don’t have preservatives and can spoil faster.
Make your own organic snacks

Organic energy bars, organic chicken broth, organic vegetable chips – these snacks are often imported, sold at specialty stores, and very expensive! Just make them at home. If you’re busy, allot one afternoon as your “Meal Prep day” and make a large batch that you can freeze for the rest of the week. Then, the rest of your budget can go to organic produce, meat and dairy. 

An Organic Lifestyle on a budget is possible with proper planning and mom techniques. I hope these tips would help and encourage you that even families on a limited budget can still go for healthier meals on the table.


About The Writer


Gracie Maulion

Mommy Gracie is a hands-on mom, small business owner and a mom blogger. She is a frugal and intentional living advocate, and believes that there’s joy in simplicity. She is also the founder of Tipid Living. Discover her tipid tips and other mommy hacks at www.tipidmommy.com


The views and opinions expressed by the writer are his/her own, and does not state or reflect those of Wyeth Nutrition and its principals.



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