Pregnancy Trends Today

Pregnancy Trends Today

How can moms level up their pregnancy experience?  Georgia Schulze – Del Rosario shares some of the latest trends that you can pick up.

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Pregnancy is one of life’s most exciting journeys, and it’s natural to want to celebrate it, while also researching what’s “best” for your baby and yourself.  That intrinsic desire will inevitably make you look into what other expectant moms are doing, and what works for them. 

With the internet, there is no shortage of information on the possible ways to “up your pregnancy game.” Here are some of the top pregnancy trends today. 

Full blood work 

This pregnancy trend, which is actually becoming more routine, is to get a full blood work. This can detect a lot more than the usual ultrasound. You can find out the baby’s gender as early as seven weeks, and your doctor can recognize abnormalities and other red flags. 
Speaking of scans, one of the biggest pregnancy trends in the last decade was  the 4D ultrasound. Pregnant women clamored for a clearer glimpse of the life growing inside them. This popular test gave them not just a photo keepsake, but a DVD that captured movements from little sneezes to umbilical cord pulls. 

Today, the 4D ultrasound is a thing of the past. Though some parents still choose to get one (or are instructed by their doctors to get an advanced scan), the emerging trend is to wait. Parents want to keep that element of surprise of seeing their babies clearly for the first time, when they finally hold them in their arms. 

Gender Reveal 

Speaking of surprises, one of the biggest pregnancy trends (thanks to social media) is the gender reveal. 

Though most parenting websites and mommy blogs say that the practice of revealing whether you are having a girl or a boy to an audience is on its way out – due to its frivolity as well as how it subscribes to gender norms even before your baby is born -- I think we will still be seeing many couples enjoying this trend for a while. It is cute, exciting, and fun – making it the perfect baby shower activity, or at the very least, interesting online content.


It looks like the ways of Marie Kondo have come into the world of motherhood. Gone are the days when your tiny human will own a whole roomful of things. The modern mama sticks to the basic necessities, to avoid clutter and be more eco-friendly.

The end of the Push Present 

And with that said, another trend that is on its way out? The Push Present. This is traditionally given by the partner or the woman’s family to a mother right after delivery.  

Nowadays, mothers are realizing that they baby in their arms is the true gift – they don’t need a material object to reinforce that.  

Focus on Pregnancy Wellness 

The last trend that has been making waves (and with good reason) is all-around wellness. There’s a lot of interest in a healthy and fit pregnancy, and how expecting moms can take care of their mind, body and spirit.  

Past generations were often told “you are eating for two” – which usually meant just eating more. Today, expectant mothers are more mindful of what they eat, and many of them make a conscious effort to stay active, or even stick to a fitness plan.  

Expecting mothers also realize that it’s important for them to feel good about themselves. They treat themselves to a foot massage, wear a pretty outfit for date night, even get the occasional salon treatment (all chemical-free and organic, of course). These little practices make a big difference when the pregnancy becomes stressful. 

Some couples even go on a “babymoon”– enjoying the peace and quiet before the long nights of caring for a baby.

Do what makes you happy!

In the end, pregnancy is a very intimate and personal experience – between a wife and her husband, between a mother and a child, and between a woman and herself. Trends will come and go, so what’s important is to do what feels right and natural for you. 

Pregnancy is 40 weeks you will never get back, filled with days and kicks and emotions you will surely miss. So, enjoy every minute of it!


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GEORGIA SCHULZE – DEL ROSARIOGeorgia Schulze – Del Rosario

Georgia Schulze – Del Rosario is a bit of a cliché – the woman who wears many hats. But to her, that is just what all mothers are – individuals that have mastered the art of multi tasking. The writer and mother of four shares with us her experiences and insights as a working mom, a wife, and what it is like to raise a family in today’s modern world.







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