Nurture Your Kid's Gifted Brain

Discover why NOW is the best time to nurture your kid’s gifted brain! Ft. Belle Daza and David Esteban

Unlocking your kid's full potential is one of the greatest gifts you can give them. To help your kids be the best they can be, you must act NOW, especially because 90% of the brain is already developed by the age of 5.

Angel Jones

S2 Ep.4: The Dating World As a Single Parent with Angel Jones

They say love is sweeter the second time around. But having that second chance is harder when you have a child to consider. Instead of thinking about compatibility, sparks and butterflies, you also need to gauge if that special someone can be a good parent to your child. Not to mention, there are several taboos among single parents dating in society. What are the things that our special guest Angel Jones learned from dating as a single mom? Listen to this episode with our hosts, Gelli Victor and JC Alelis only here on Parenteam. If you loved this episode, follow the podcast, rate us 5 stars and hit the notification bell for more updates!

This podcast episode can help parents raise AlphaKids!

This podcast episode can help parents raise AlphaKids!

All AlphaParents MUST hear this! Listen now! Have you ever asked: How can I help in my child’s brain development? What nutrients are essential to my child’s crucial growing-up years? How can I prepare my fast-thinking AlphaKid for future success? Know the answers to all of these by diving deep into the details of brain stimulation and the right nutrition. Listen to our Spotify podcast with The Eve’s Drop, so you can be better equipped to raise your AlphaKid! The episode features 3 local and international experts: Dr. Ryan Uy (Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrician) Dr. Celeste Tanchoco (Registered Nutritionist Dietitian) David Esteban (Educator and Deputy Head of the Australian International School)   Listening to the podcast will definitely give you an Alpha advantage as a parent!

Starting a Family...

S2 Ep.3: The 5S of Parenting

Being a parent can be intimidating - especially if you’re not prepared for it. Couples looking to become parents should have five important attributes, which couples therapist and mom, Dr. Rica Cruz describes as the 5S. This acronym gives them what they need to consider when planning on starting a family. Tune in and listen to the full episode to learn more and if you love this episode, follow the podcast, rate us 5 stars and hit the notification bell for more updates.

Delamar Arias-Ashby

S2 Ep. 2: Intercultural Parenting with Delamar Arias-Ashby

It’s not uncommon for Filipinos to end up with a husband or wife who’s from a different country. But what happens when you guys get married? How do you make sure you pass on your Filipino roots to your child? Episode 2 talks about the exciting yet complicated world of intercultural parenting. And to share her experience on this, we got Delamama back on the show! She’ll be sharing her experience on meeting and eventually marrying someone who’s 100% not Filipino, the relationship dynamics, and of course parenting.

Victor podcast artwork

S2 Ep. 1: Going Against the Grain with Victor Anastacio

Season 2 Episode 1 is a special episode in the ParenTeam podcast because for the first time, we’re talking to somebody who is NOT a parent (yet). But all the same, young and first time parents will learn a lot from our conversation with the one and only - Victor Anastacio. Victor will be sharing what it’s like to grow up in a family full of lawyers and doctors, but not wanting to be either himself. And we know he’s not the only with that experience. From this episode, young and first time parents can learn how to better communicate their expectations, why it’s important to let the child decide for him/herself, and the ways on how they can support their child’s dream, even if it’s not the one you want for him/her.

Episode 12

Episode 12

"As we've said since Episode 1, this podcast is for all parenteams - including single parents! In this episode, Pinky Aseron, one of the country's most iconic voices, shares her single motherhood journey and how she faced it head on. Make sure to listen all the way till the very end of this episode as Pinky drops golden nuggets of wisdom on how she handled peer pressure from other parents, work-life challenges, and finding the ""right village people"" to raise her kid. Tune-in for the season finale of the ParenTeam Podcast!"