This podcast episode can help parents raise AlphaKids!

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Listen now! Have you ever asked: How can I help in my child’s brain development? What nutrients are essential to my child’s crucial growing-up years? How can I prepare my fast-thinking AlphaKid for future success?

Know the answers to all of these by diving deep into the details of brain stimulation and the right nutrition. Listen to our Spotify podcast with The Eve’s Drop, so you can be better equipped to raise your AlphaKid!

The episode features 3 local and international experts:

  • Dr. Ryan Uy (Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrician)
  • Dr. Celeste Tanchoco (Registered Nutritionist Dietitian)
  • David Esteban (Educator and Deputy Head of the Australian International School)

Listening to the podcast will definitely give you an Alpha advantage as a parent!

57 min listen