Three-Ingredient Brownies Recipe

Three-Ingredient Brownies Recipe

With this recipe from Mommy Erica, you can make delicious brownies even just using a toaster oven! 

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Have you heard of the saying, "The family that cooks together, eats happily together"?

Perhaps not, because I made it up—the same way my family and I invented new recipes during the new normal. Because of the limited resources and food shops that had to close down, we learned to become creative and resourceful. We made use of whatever items and ingredients were available in the pantry.

We have funny yet memorable experiences of preparing meals that can make up maybe a volume of kitchen stories in the current times. Allow me to share some of our takeaways and learnings during our kitchen bonding moments. I hope you can relate or even be inspired to try cooking with your kids.

All you knead is love 

Household chores can sometimes be overwhelming, especially now that classes are being held online -- the new normal for my three kids. 

Aside from being a full-time mom, I’m also a wannabe teacher, since the younger ones are still adjusting to this new school set-up. 

When it’s time to think about what to serve on the dining table, I would sometimes feel lost because both my mind and body were too tired to function. But because the love I have for my children is far greater than my weaknesses, I would never let them miss a meal. Thus, I would get that “second wind” to instantly fry, boil or bake something, as if I’m a brand-new oven.

Bake to the future

During the early months of 2020, many people I know transformed into bakers (myself included), not just because they suddenly had a lot of free time on their hands; it’s also because more people started cleaning up their attics. 

For me and my family, we opened hidden boxes and dusted off baking tools and cooking utensils that had not been touched for quite some time. 

Yeast, we can do it!

As I mentioned earlier, it was quite a challenge to cook or bake without the right ingredients. Since we didn’t have the freedom to go out, and most stores were closed, I ended up using substitute items. 

For example, when yeast was nowhere to be found, I was able to use baking soda and lime as substitute. Of course, we had to experiment before learning the right way. I can still remember the “kill the yeast” moment because my daughter poured hot (instead of warm) milk onto it. 

Sometimes it’s not as easy as pie

All the while, I thought that as long as I follow the ingredients and instructions, there was no way a recipe could go wrong. 

Well, the reality is it’s never as easy as it looks on YouTube. We followed an “easy” recipe we found on the ‘net, thinking it should be fine because I got it online…right? Wrong! We ended up using cornstarch instead of flour! We ended up with baked goodies that were as hard as stone. Well, our dogs loved them.

Those are just some of the learnings that my kids and I gained during our baking sessions while we were stuck at home for months. 

Brownies 2


Three-Ingredient Brownies

However, one particular recipe that we would consider out-of-the-box (since we just used our handy dandy toaster) surprisingly turned out well. Here’s what you’ll need:


  1. 1 cup of hazelnut spread
  2. 1/4 cup of flour
  3. 2 eggs
  4. Salt to taste


  1. Mix all the ingredients until the batter texture is smooth. 
  2.  Pour the mixed ingredients into the baking pan and place the pan inside a pre-heated toaster. Bake for 30 minutes.   
  3. Stick a toothpick in the brownies—if it comes out clean, it’s already done. 

Now, the next question is: who will have the first bite of those oh-so-yummy toaster-baked brownies? Somebody needs to do the taste test to guarantee satisfaction for whoever will eat it. If the YUM level of the goodies exceeds your expectation, you could be cooking up a future home-based business!

For now, make use of the opportunity to be with your family at home every day to create more fun memories and exciting baking adventures and misadventures. Savor each moment of happiness with the family in the comfort of your home sweet home.



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