Meet the newest members of ParenTeam!

Meet the newest members of ParenTeam!

We all want the best for our kids, and we don’t want to make any mistakes in raising these tiny humans we love so much. But the truth is, each child is its own person, and despite our efforts, nothing is going to turn out perfectly; we are bound to make mistakes and have some hiccups and downfalls. It can be scary, and downright paralyzing at times. What’s more, there is no instruction manual or help desk, but Wyeth Nutrition has created the next best thing. 


PLAYING: Meet the newest members of ParenTeam!

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ParenTeam brings together experts from different fields to talk about the things they specialize in and know best: psychology, nutrition, relationships, and more. In addition to these experts, get connected with other parents, sharing their experiences. By learning from others, we can make more well-informed decisions. Through parenTeam, parents can now have a portal to knowledge that they might not have had access to otherwise. It’s not a guarantee that things will go off without a hitch, and they don’t claim to have all the answers, but it's a resource every parent can rely on so they won’t have to go through the journey of parenthood alone.

ParenTeam now welcomes Solenn and Nicco, AKA the Bolzicos, aka the ParentZillas. Famous as a couple, as well as individuals, they recently became parents themselves, facing the same situations and concerns that regular everyday parents do, day to day. With the Bolzicos onboard, parenTeam is now ready to answer questions you might’ve been too shy to ask, and discuss some hard realities parents face - real talk, real parenting, with real parents. 

You’ll get the latest, most real approach to parenting with parenTeam’s RealTalks. In addition to hearing from Solenn and Nico, you’ll hear many other speakers, covering topics such as:

  • Love in the time of parenthood. Keeping the romance alive.
  • Postpartum Mental Health
  • Mindful Parenting

….and more!

We took a moment to talk with the couple, and you may be surprised about what we learned. Solenn emphasizes the importance of parents to give themselves some self-care, and to put themselves first sometimes.

“It’s important to put yourself first, especially for moms, because, as a saying goes, ‘a happy mom is the best mom’. I agree with that. It would be hard to be a good father or a good mother if you’re not happy. The way you feel or the way you perceive things can be transmitted to your kids, so if you’re not happy or you’re not positive—you might transmit this to your child.  It’s important to be able to take care of yourself in order to be able to take care of your baby.”

We also asked what was one of the most common parenting misconceptions that the Bolzicos were able to debunk when they became parents. Here’s what they had to say:

“One of the biggest misconceptions that I think we were able to debunk: first, everyone freaks you out a little bit, saying things like, “oh your life is over”, “you won’t be able to do anything else”, or  “the baby will take up your time”. To be honest, for us, it’s not true. Solenn and I are hands-on. We’re the ones who take care of the baby, we organize each other, we take care of Thylane different times throughout the day, but, also, we enjoy it. It’s a matter of organization, I think… you can still do a lot of things while taking care of  a baby.”

The couple says that parenTeam members can expect authenticity and honesty from them as a couple, with a fun approach to some serious topics. 

“We’re going to share exactly what we’re going through—no sugarcoating. Whatever happens, we will share it with you. And of course, expect a bit of humor…. Of course, we will talk about serious topics and discuss relevant aspects of parenting, though always with a touch of fun…. We decided to join parenTeam because we really believe that as parents, it’s important to share everything we go through. We may be going through similar things, and we may freak out all the time, especially the first-time parents, so I think being part of a community is something we could enjoy.  We think it’s very important not just for parents to hear what we say but also for us to see what other parents think.”

Their message to new parents:

“Enjoy. Enjoy every single day, every single second as much as you can because really… Thylane is only 7 months, and over 7 months, she has been changing so much every single day.  Having her is the most beautiful thing that has happened to us. But, of course, not every day will be a beautiful day. You will have good days or bad days. With bad days, I mean -- if the baby didn’t sleep or doesn’t want to eat… but those things are temporary and are normal issues. Just be aware that it’s a wonderful stage of your life and you should enjoy it. If you don’t enjoy it today, you might regret it in the future. Bad days are temporary, and the good days will come, so just enjoy the ride.”

Join Solenn and Nico, and sign up for parenTeam today to gain access to RealTalks and articles on a multitude of different topics to help you along your parenting journey. Listen to our podcast on Apple Podcasts and Spotify, and even chat with experts on various topics. To take a look at the community you’ll become a part of, just check out our Facebook Page or visit us on Instagram. When parents team up with parenTeam, we can all move towards a healthier tomorrow for the next generation.    


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