Creative Things You Can Do with Your Baby’s Photos

Creative Things You Can Do with Your Baby’s Photos

There are many ways you can play around with your child’s photos. Read on for some fun and creative suggestions!


PLAYING: Creative Things You Can Do with Your Baby’s Photos

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Parents take thousands of pictures of their kids. I must admit I don’t let a single day pass by without snapping at least one photo! But what do we do with all those pictures?

Most of the time, we post the pictures on social media accounts and then forget about them. I still prefer to print the pictures and arrange them in a photo album. But that’s not all we can do. Here are some of the easy, affordable, and creative things you can do with your favorite photos.

DIY Photo Wall Art 
Thinking of designing your baby’s room? Here’s an easy yet creative idea: I love this heart-shaped Photo Wall from Endlessly Inspired. The design possibilities are endless. All you need are printed pictures and double-sided tape.

Think of scrapbooking like storytelling. Add quotes, anecdotes and memorabilia that capture the memories behind every photo. You don’t need to be a great designer – just play around with colored paper, washi tapes, stickers, etc. Your child will love having a book that’s just about him! 

Digital Scrapbooks  
If you don’t feel like cutting and pasting pictures, then use online digital scrapbook templates. You can also have it done --  try PhotoBook Philippines or Storybook PH.

DIY Photo Magnets
It is so much fun to make photo magnets. Aside from preserving the photos, this is also a great souvenir for your baby’s birthday or baptismal. I made this easy DIY Magnet Invitation for my youngest daughter’s baptism. 

You just need A4 size magnet sheet with adhesive (you can buy online, or get small round magnets at National Bookstore) and sharp scissors. Lay out your photo invitation, print in the desired size, and stick them to the magnet sheet.  

Photo Bunting 
Photo Buntings are an inexpensive party decoration! You can even use them after the party to decorate your child’s room. 

DIY Photobooth 
And because we are talking about birthdays, make a special DIY Photobooth for your child’s birthday. Your guests can take their pictures inside the special frame! 

For my twin boys’ first birthday, I made this DIY Photobooth and decorated it with their pictures. You will need a balikbayan box (or any large, hard cardboard), white paint, tape and scissors. For decoration, you can use colored cartolina, crepe paper and printed photos. 

Just cut the balikbayan box or carton so it looks like a photo frame, then paint it white. Now it looks like a Polaroid! Paste your pictures. Hang it with wires, or make a stand. Tip: fill a box with fun props like big hats, glasses, etc.  

Decorated Jewelry Box
I turned a chocolate box into a handy container for my accessories! You can check it out here. All you need is a box, printed pictures, and washi tapes.

Photo Puzzles
Photo puzzles are one great unique gift idea that you create on your own. It’s a bit complicated at first but once you have the necessary materials needed, you’ll have fun making this.

Photo Blankets & Photo Pillows 
There are several online stores that offer this kind of service. You’ll just have to provide them with your pictures.

Furniture Makeover 
If you have a scratched coffee table, cover it with beveled glass and slip it your baby’s/family’s photos. I love this budget idea from The Budget Decorator.

Challenge yourself and make these creative things to do with your baby’s photos. Doing something this fun is also a great way to bond with your family. How about you -- how do you keep your baby’s photos?


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