Best Babymoon Destinations

Best Babymoon Destinations

Planning to enjoy a romantic getaway with the hubby, but worried about harming  baby in your belly? Here's a list of  pregnant-friendly destinations you can visit before welcoming the newest member of the family.


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“Babymoon” is a special getaway for parents who want to have a little couple time before the baby arrives. My husband and I were actually traveling around the Philippines -- Bacolod, Dumaguete and Boracay -- before I discovered that I was pregnant when we got back. While they’re great babymoon spots, I planned another trip in my second trimester. 

Are you planning a babymoon, too? Here are my top foreign and local destinations.


Everyone I know loves Japan. There are also lots of direct gateways from the Philippines. You could choose Osaka, Tokyo, Fukuoka, Hokkaido, or Nagoya, depending on your personality and the things you enjoy. 

If you love food, you can go to Osaka. It’s most famous for the term “kuidaore” which means “eat until you drop” – suitable for the always-hungry moms-to-be. If you love big cities, choose Tokyo and shop till you drop. If you prefer the quiet countryside, visit Nagoya and see Begonia Garden at Nabana no Sato. If you love cold weather and want to experience snow, Hokkaido’s perfect for you. If you’re into history and nature, Fukuoka has castles and temples to offer. 

In general, Japan has a little bit of everything. It’s also one of the best countries you could visit whilst pregnant, because it’s very safe. 

It’s definitely one of your dream destinations if you’re into Hallyu (Korean Wave). There are three direct gateways from the Philippines: Incheon, Busan and Jeju (chartered flights via PAL). 

If you love shopping and Korean beauty products, you must drop by Seoul. If you want to immerse yourself in Korea’s rich culture, visit Busan. And of course, if you’re feeling romantic, you must go to Jeju. It’s actually a top honeymoon destination for Korean couples, and possibly for babymoons, too.  

There are two direct gateways. You could either enter from Taipei or Kaohsiung (via AirAsia). Everything is also accessible via train. If you love shopping in Japan, there are a lot of Japanese brands in Taipei. Pregnant moms may also find a stop at Taichung or the countryside very relaxing.  It’s only an hour ride via bullet train and you can choose between the mountain side or the sea side seats.

These are my top three picks if you want to travel abroad. All of them are commuter-friendly, and you can take the train to explore the city. All are short-haul flights, with Taipei taking only 
2 ½ hours away from Manila. Budget-wise, Taiwan is the cheapest. Personally, I chose Osaka, Japan as my babymoon destination because it is the country that I’m most comfortable in.  


They serve the best food – chicken inasal and kansi! Although their white beaches are quite far from the city, there are many museums or cafes that you can check out while you’re there. My favorite Bacolod beach is Carbin Reef, a tiny marine sanctuary that accommodates about 100 people at a time. 

Visit Manjuyod Sand Bar, which is called “The Maldives of the Philippines.” It’s quite a journey from the city, but if you get lucky, you will get to see dolphins and even swim with them! 
For a fast, convenient trip, book Caticlan. The flight from Manila is less than an hour long, and from Jetty port you can take a 10-minute ferry ride. Boracay is my go-to beach and I highly suggest it for babymoons just because it feels like home. 

  • Travel after your first trimester, just to be safe. 
  • If traveling on your second trimester, get clearance from your oby-gynecologist stating that you are asymptomatic and fit to fly.
  • Pregnant women are not allowed on non-pressurized planes. Double check when booking. 
  • Choose a short haul flight so you won’t strain yourself. 
  • Choose direct flights instead of those with layover. 
  • Get travel insurance. It’s important to have it in case of emergency and you need to go to the hospital. 
  • Skip risky activities like skiing or snowboarding.
  • Bring an emergency kit. 
  • Avoid eating street food and make sure your food is well-cooked. 

Savor your babymoon, because it might be one of the last times you’ll have couple time for quite a while. Or if you don’t want to travel far, stay in the city and have a staycation. The most important thing is to enjoy your time together and have fun! 


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