Beauty Treatments in the New Normal

Beauty Treatments in the New Normal

Salons and dermatology clinics have begun to open under strict safety protocols to offer much-needed basic services such as haircuts, manicures, and simple facials. We talk to salon owners to better understand the important measures in place to make your next parlor or clinic visit both enjoyable and safe.

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Need a haircut or facial? Here’s what you need to know before going to a salon or skincare clinic


There was a period in April and May when everyone’s hair had grown out. Girls were starting to show their roots and boys sported almost-mullets. Much like bread making and baking, home haircuts began a trend and social media was abuzz with families buying clippers, hair cutting tools and doing live challenges to see if they could cut and style their hair at home.

While some home haircuts turned out okay, others were not as fortunate. There was a collective sigh of relief when hair salons were finally allowed to reopen last June. Although when they first opened their doors, salons were only able to offer basic services like haircuts. Hair treatments, coloring, and hair care services that needed more time in the salon were only allowed in July. 

For dermatology and beauty clinics, the first wave of reopening began in July. This was even more difficult because the very nature of these services had therapists touching a client’s face in close contact. But following the same strict safety measures, dermatology clinics were allowed to welcome patients back offering the basic skincare services. More complex aesthetic services are still not allowed.

So are you ready to rush to the salon to have your roots redone or go and have your skin rejuvenated? We help you understand the safety guidelines for your next parlor or clinic visit.

Respect Safety Measures

Salons follow strict safety measures and new precautions for both clients and staff. These include temperature checks, health declarations, sanitization at regular intervals and between client appointments, masks, and social distancing. Be sure to follow all these safety measures to ensure a good and safe experience.

“All salons that are open now have gone through rigorous checking by several government agencies – DTI, DOH, LGU’s, and even DOLE have been involved in implementing safety standards,” shares Andrea Lorenzana, General Manager of Piandre Salon. “When you visit the salon, you make an appointment and fill up a health checklist either online or in person. When you arrive, your temperature is taken and your belongings are placed in a plastic bag. You will also be wearing a face shield for all shampoo services along with your mask. Your salon staff will also be wearing masks, shields, and hair covering at all times during your services.”

Manage Your Time

Even with all the safety measures in place, it helps to be able to manage your time well every time you venture outside. Before you go to the salon or the clinic, decide what treatments you want to have done, and know how much time all of it is going to take. This will help you prioritize treatments you want most while limiting your exposure.

“We understand that several clients have worries when it comes to spending too much time in the salon,” said Hazel Gonzales, HG Creative Studio/HG Hair. “So we try to give them options too. While we offer all of the services at the studio, we also provide a home service with strict safety protocols.”

Some dermatology clinics provide online consultations before your appointment. This allows your doctor to already assess your needs, and offer advice if there is a need to have such treatments at the clinic. For simple skincare concerns, doctors may also prescribe ointments or medicines you can apply at home.  

Come Prepared

If you are getting a hair or color treatment, and may be in the salon for several hours, be sure to BYOB (bring your own baon).  

“We were no longer allowed to serve refreshments to our clients so we recommend they bring water or snacks if they’d like,” Lorenzana explained. (Piandre is popular for their delicious cookies so you’ll definitely miss those!)

Be Forthcoming

If you have any questions or concerns it’s important to talk to your stylist or therapist beforehand. Navigating this new normal requires clarity more than anything else, and you can be honest about all your fears or questions. It’s always best to adopt open lines of communication.

“This is a new situation for all of us,” admitted Therese Vilog, Marketing Manager, HG Studio/HG Hair. “We are all doing our best to stay safe. We are always open about our protocols and can answer all our client’s questions. Together we all have to practice the highest form of caution so we can ensure each other’s safety. We are honest about our protocols, and hopefully, clients can do the same. This includes honest declarations in their health forms so we can avoid transmission risks and provide accurate contact tracing information.”

At the end of the day, for many of us, going to the salon or the clinic is an important part of our self-care routine. If you follow the protocols in place you can continue to enjoy these services safely.

“Like most businesses, salons are fighting to stay open for the livelihood of our staff and the benefit of our clients,” Lorenzana concluded. “We have taken all the necessary precautions and our clients always feel happier when they are done and less stressed too, and that act of self-care is good for their overall mental health.”



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