“Ang Likot!” Tips for Channeling the Energy of your Active Child

“Ang Likot!” Tips for Channeling the Energy of your Active Child

An energetic child can bring so much joy, but it can also be exhausting to constantly keep up with them. Here are some tips on how to better channel their energies.


PLAYING: “Ang Likot!” Tips for Channeling the Energy of your Active Child

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Seeing our kids playful and energetic makes us happy because we feel their joy and enthusiasm. However, non-stop activity can be draining too, and our joy turns into stress. 

I have two girls, all dainty and kikay when you look at them, but they will sing (almost yell) non-stop, dance (and bump their heads on the corners of our dinner table), do art (draw on our walls), and play (sometimes fight) with each other. My house, no matter how I organized, was always crammed with their toys and art materials. Everyday, it was noisy, messy and chaotic. 

How do you channel your child’s energy, especially when you have limited space at home, and going outdoors is not always an option?

Join them 

Keeping up with kids and their endless supply of energy can be exhausting, but it can also inspire us to join them in their play! Manage your time wisely so you can have the best of both worlds: finishing what you need and want to do at home, and spending time with your active child. You’ll be surprised to see how much your child “settles” down after quality time with you. Maybe all that boundless energy was also a way of getting your attention! 

Engage their minds 

Some kids can get overstimulated after too much wild, active play. They may get fussy and throw tantrums, or have a hard time calming down enough to eat or nap. Offer challenging mental activities that can help keep their minds busy. Board games, stack-up games, games involving bricks are great brain games and can be played with siblings.

Look for their interests

Even young children can show signs of their personal interests and preferences. Pay attention to what they like and give them activities that nurture their gift. My youngest loves to sing and dance, so we bought her a recorder so she could record her “performances” and take videos with her sister. 

Rotate your toys 

I don’t give my kids all their toys at the same time. Sometimes, I will put away the toys they get on their birthday and Christmas, and bring one out every other week. Then, I get the old ones and clean them, and bring them out after a month or so. That way, kids will always have a “new” toy to play with. 

Limit the gadgets

It’s not helpful to entertain active kids with television and mobile games, because they can actually get overstimulated. We allow a few programs that they really love, but they only watch under our supervision. 

Prepare some indoor activities

Outdoor play is still the best, because of the sun, new things to see, and freedom to move. However, you and your kids can still have fun at home. Move the furniture and bring out hula hoops or board games like Twister. You can also dance Zumba together!

Eat healthy, balanced meals 

If you notice that your child can be very hyper, try cutting out sugar in his diet. Aside from sweet drinks like iced tea, or candy and pastries, sugar can hide in high-carbohydrate food like noodles, rice, dried fruits, etc. Limit junk food and make sure meals have the right portions of nutrients. A balanced meal should be 50% fruits and vegetables, 25% proteins and 25% carbohydrates. Always serve meals with a glass of water or a healthy drink like milk. 

How do you channel the energies of your active child? Share your ideas and tips in the comments section.  


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