7 Productivity Tips for Work-From-Home Moms

7 Productivity Tips for Work-From-Home Moms

Here’s how you can get things done despite distractions at home


PLAYING: 7 Productivity Tips for Work-From-Home Moms

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Most people think it’s impossible to get anything work-related done when you’re at home, especially with kids around, and the flexible work schedule that can tempt you to push back your work further along the day until you never get it done. However, it is possible with these few tips. You can cross out things in your work list in no time, and you keep the chaos as far away from home as possible.

Plan at the start of the week. List down things that you have to accomplish throughout the week then, start to plot them by day. Identify priorities. It is recommended that you do this with your spouse, or anyone who can help you accomplish these goals so that the whole household can move in harmony. Additionally, this will help you set the mood for the whole week. If you know where you’re going, you will definitely have a smoother journey.

Create and stay with your schedule. Yes, flexible work schedule is a favorable thing, but it can also mean your destruction. If you do not stick to the plan you made, you will enter a world of chaos. You will miss things that you’re supposed to accomplish today, and you will spend more time on things that don't require much effort. At the end of the day, you only got a few things done in so much time. Be careful!

Focus. If you have your corporate hat on, don’t do mom/sister/friend stuff. It’s one thing to feed your child, and put them to sleep for nap time, but it’s another to play with them. Let’s face it: moms enjoy playing with their child. Before they know it, three hours has passed. Maybe your child can watch that movie alone while you work someplace near where you can still see them. You can reply to Facebook messages later.

Childcare. If at times you get overwhelmed by everything going on, you can hire a babysitter or a nanny. They can be there for the hours that you schedule yourself to work. It helps!

You can’t do everything. If you’re an active parent in your child’s school, or you’re a part of your community committee and it makes your schedule too tight, you’ve got to learn how to let go. You can’t do all these things.

Sleep. As mentioned above, you can’t do all these things. You should not compromise your sleep for everything to work out. Sleep renews your strength both physically and mentally. It allows you to have a sound mind so you can think things through. People snap mostly due to stress. It is most likely developed from lack of sleep. So, rest at night and get those hours of sleep because it will do you good.

Be social. Having friends is not a crime. Even if you choose to work from home so you could be with your family, you still need friends such as  girl friends to exchange stories, conflicts, and solutions with. These girls understand you, and they will stand with you. Even if your best friend is your husband, having people who go through the same things as you is always a good thing.





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