10 Creative (and Effective) Potty Training Tips for Kids Who Hate the Potty

10 Creative (and Effective) Potty Training Tips for Kids Who Hate the Potty

Do your kids dread going to the potty? Try these creative tips to help them ditch the diaper!


PLAYING: 10 Creative (and Effective) Potty Training Tips for Kids Who Hate the Potty

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Ditching the diaper is definitely not a walk in the park. It is a lot of work indeed, but we have to toilet-train them sooner or later! 

When should I start potty training? 
Look for these signs that your child is ready to start learning how to use the potty:

  • They verbalize when they feel that they’re about to pee, while peeing, or when they’re finished peeing.
  • They show interest in using the potty or toilet.
  • They ask for some privacy while doing their thing.
  • Their nappies stay dry for longer periods of time.
  • They complain about wet diapers and ask to be changed.

If you have ticked at least one, then your little one is ready to get serious about potty-training.

Most kids start potty training between two to three and a half years old, but some may want to start earlier or later. Some adjust quite easily while others need more help. Every child is unique, so don’t stress too much about the age! When your child is ready for the potty, these tips can help encourage him. 
Explain in an age-appropriate way
Potty-training is a big transition, especially for a young child! Explaining can help give them a sense of control and motivate them, too. Use simple and concrete explanations. “You’re going to learn how to use the bathroom, just like Mommy and Daddy and Kuya! Instead of peeing in the diaper, you can pee in the potty. You will feel more comfortable, too.”

Show and tell with toys 
Show them what to do, and act it out with their favorite doll or stuffed toy. Make a story about their favorite toy’s “trip to the toilet.” 

Start a toilet routine 
You have a general idea of when your child needs to go to the toilet. A toilet schedule, so your child goes to the bathroom instead of rushing at the last minute, can help.

Don’t stress over the mess 
Ahh yes, the mess! Accidents are normal, and part of this whole training. Since we want to encourage our kids, the last thing we want to do is to scold and embarrass them. Otherwise, they may give up and refuse to use the potty altogether. 

If your child has an accident, just quietly clean it up and change them into fresh clothes, and remind them that they have to say when they need to go. If they always have accidents, or suddenly backslide after getting into a routine, figure out what triggered. Stress? Big change? Are they not feeling well? Talk to them about it, and help them deal with it.

Get them cute undies
To prevent accidents, give them cute underwear – the ones with princesses, superheroes, cars, etc. These are real motivators, since most kids don’t want to get their favorite undies dirty!  

Praise them 
Whenever they have successfully done their thing on the toilet, acknowledge them. Show them the biggest smile, or give them the biggest hug. My kid and I have this “Good Job” dance, and we sing and dance to it whenever she does something good – that includes every successful trip to the restroom. 

Give rewards 
Some parents have a reward system - for instance, potty reward charts with stickers or stamps.  

Sharing the good news
Kids want to brag about how good they are at this new phase. Sharing the good news to their friends, family members or relatives in person or through a call can boost their confidence even more. Not to mention, the acknowledgement they will get from the people they share it with. 

At night
Being consistent also means no nappies even during night time. Have several layers of cloths or towels on their bed (so you don’t have to change the whole bedsheet should they wet the bed) then add their favorite blanket or not. You can also get plastic bedsheet protectors at drugstores or hospital supply stores. Cover that with their favorite blanket.

Of course, nightly checks are also beneficial. Try waking them up an hour or two after sleeping and ask if they need to go.

Ultimately, take it easy and enjoy this new journey of yours. Happy potty-training! 


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