5 Date Night Ideas at Home for Busy Parents

5 Date Night Ideas at Home for Busy Parents

Need a date night, but you got busy schedules? Here are ideas for dates at home.


PLAYING: 5 Date Night Ideas at Home for Busy Parents

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Working parents struggle with making time to do other things outside of office duties or taking care of the kids. Often, no longer possess time to make sure you have five minutes together with your spouse without interruption, let alone set aside an entire evening to dote on each other. Don’t wait for Valentine’s Day to come up to get that perfect moment. Make it happen as any day is always perfect to start rekindling the romance in your married life with date nights.

Date nights give married couples a chance to reconnect without the kids chiming in every after a few seconds. Here are dating ideas for you and your spouse – things that can be conveniently done in the comfort of your own home; and while your precious ones are all tucked in for the night.

Candlelit Dinner

Whether you cook a meal together or bring take-out, create a romantic atmosphere with a tablecloth, a formal place setting, and lit candles. Go all out! Drink some wine. Use good silverware and china if you have them.

Movie Night

Pop a big batch of popcorn and snuggle on the couch while watching your favorite flick, or a new release.  For some added fun, determine what you will watch in advance, and buy food that relates to the film. Additionally, look up movie-related trivia, and quiz each other.

Coffee in the Kitchen

Brew up two steamy cups of hot chocolate or tea and pretend that your kitchen is a coffeehouse. Enjoy a nice conversation, or read some poetry together.

Snacks & Games

Grab a bag of chips or another tasty snack, and play a game. Whether you pop out those old board games or play some video games, have fun together with a little competition.

Ultimately, it doesn’t really matter what you do during your date night; the important thing is that you have one. Set aside an evening at least once every other week to talk, bond and build memories that only you two will share. After all, your marriage is the foundation of your family, and keeping a healthy relationship will benefit both of you and your kids in the long run.




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