Galaw-galaw, Batang May Laban! Indoor Activities To Get Your Kid Moving

Galaw-galaw, Batang May Laban! Indoor Activities To Get Your Kid Moving

Good news: you don’t need a big space sa loob ng bahay para ma-encourage ang iyong anak na maglaro

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Hindi pa rin madaling dalhin sa labas ang mga bata para makapaglaro sa playground, dahil siyempre dapat maging careful pa din tayo sa ating mga galaw sa labas ng bahay! 

Para hindi mainip ang mga batang may laban at mabigyan din sila ng outlet para sa kanilang mataas na energy levels, pwede pa din silang bigyan ng play activities na pwedeng gawin, kahit Team Bahay muna tayo. 
Sabi nila Teacher Amel dela Cruz at Teacher Gelai Aljo  na nagtuturo ng preschoolers sa The Learning Tree Child Growth Center sa Quezon City, physical activity has a big role in a child’s development, para ma-enhance ang kanilang large motor skills and fine motor skills. 

According to the two teachers, the physical activity also allows children to focus on their tasks at hand. “Before, bago pumasok sa classroom, naglalaro muna sila sa playground, so nalalabas na nila ang energy nila and they are calm before we start. Now sa online classes ko, we start with an activity, like dancing or clapping to a song para makapag-settle down sila sa lessons,” sabi ni Teacher Gelai. 

    Making use of what you already have

Ang good news is that you don’t need a big space sa loob ng bahay para ma-encourage ang iyong anak para maglaro. Sabi ni Teacher Amel na hindi din kailangan bumili ng mamahaling laruan, so safe pa rin ang budget mo, mommy. 

“It’s about making use of what you already have. We encourage the concept of recycling like pwede sila gumamit ng used toilet paper rolls or mga boxes para gawing toys. Para sa weights naman, pwede nilang gamitin ang mga used water bottles.”

Here are some suggestions from the two teachers on activities na pwede ninyong gawin sa bahay kahit limited ang space ninyo. May bonus pa itong mga lessons or concepts na pwede mong ituro sa iyong batang may laban. 

    Exercise together

Bond together with your child habang nagwo-work out kayong dalawa. Importante din kasi na may role model sila when it comes to physical fitness. 
Pwede kayong mag “virtual run” gamit ang running videos na makikita sa YouTube, or pwede din kayong mag dance exercise habang sinusundan ang steps ng isang tutorial. Another option is to play a game where you can mimic animal movements, pwede kayong mag flap your wings like a bird, or hop like a kangaroo, habang binibilang ng sabay ang movements. Masayang workout ito, right, mommy?

    Teach basic chores

Aminin, workout din ang maglinis ng bahay, hindi ba? Ang advice ng The Learning Tree Directress Francie Castaneda Lacanilao, is to give your child simple tasks to do, such as washing socks or putting clothes away. Masaya din ang may miniature version siya ng mga cleaning items, tulad ng maliit na walis and dustpan tapos sabay kayong mag walis sa bahay. 
You can also let them help in the kitchen by cutting soft foods like bananas with a dull knife or preparing string beans.  “It gives children a sense of satisfaction to know that they are helping mommy. Plus, it teaches them life skills and independence.” 

    Roll, catch and throw

Pwede rin maglaro ng bola sa loob ng bahay, as long as clear ang space. The child can throw the ball in the air and catch it, or you can play a game where they have to follow directions such as put the ball above your head then on your left, or roll the ball under a chair. Try these other indoor-friendly games, too: 

●    Piko: Yes, as in the street game that you played when you were a kid. Since hindi kayo makapag draw on the sidewalk using chalk, you can draw your piko squares on a sheet of Manila paper. With this game, natuto ang bata to follow directions, to maintain balance, and to strengthen their counting skills while jumping into the right square. 

●    Tumbang Preso: Hindi lang piko ang pwedeng gawan ng indoor version. Teach your child to enjoy another Filipino street game that you enjoyed as a kid. All you need is your handy tsinelas and lumang lata. Just make sure that your space has been cleared of anything na maaring masira kapag matamaan. 

●    Indoor sipa: But wait, there’s more. Yes, you can also play sipa inside the house. Para mas safe ang mga gamit, pwede mag substitute ng paper ball na maaring gawin out of folded used paper. Hindi lang pagsipa ang movement na maaring gawin, pwede din gamitin ang hands or elbows to keep the ball in the air. Sabi ni Teacher Gelai, ang concept na pwedeng ituro dito is counting how many times they can hit the ball consecutively.    

    Kakaibang benefits
While there are benefits of teaching kids individual play, there are also benefits na kalaro nila si  mommy at daddy. Ang sabi ng ating mga experts, whatever physical activity that you decide to do, what is important is the engagement and bonding.  

Kwento ni Teacher Gelai, “The theme in my class is friendship. For children, the concept of friend is someone their age, parang weird sa kanila to consider mommy or daddy as a friend. After our family activities, where we encourage our parents to participate in shadow play or in family exercise, they see their parents in a new light and they have this new role, na si daddy o si mommy hindi lang taga-saway, but they can also play with me.”

Teacher Amel adds, “The biggest word for preschoolers is love. They have a limited vocabulary when it comes to expressing emotions, kapag upset or frustrated sila, they just say I’m sad, and on the other side, they are happy. Love for them is a big thing, and when their parents are involved in their activities, they really feel na I love my parents and my parents love me. Dadalhin na nila yan hanggang sa paglaki.”  
So keep your kids moving, mga mommies! Magiging mas handa sila in the future na fit, healthy, and happy bilang mga Batang May Laban--handang-handa para sa kung ano man ang haharapin nila. Gamitin nyo rin itong pagkakataon, habang indoors pa ang lahat, na makipag–bonding kayo, to create memories na dadalhin nila hanggang sa kanilang paglaki.


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